Brandi Jenkins LK ’14

October 11, 2017

Brandi Jenkins

I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia but have been living in Boston for over 7 years. Before I started at NBSS, I served in the US Armed Forces, in the Navy. Upon discharge, it became difficult to find adequate work but I never gave up.

What led me to North Bennet Street School was the result of a previous landlord and the fact that she was not willing to fix a broken lock on my door. At my wit’s end, I contacted my veterans specialist representative who presented me with information about the School.

As I scrolled through the website, I noticed all the programs being offered and Locksmithing caught my attention instantly. I kept thinking of how, if I had known how to fix my lock, the situation at my former apartment probably wouldn’t have been as bad. I rushed home, called the Admissions office, and applied to the school.

The one thing that I will tell any student who wants to attend in NBSS is to strive. Strive for greatness and your greatness will be achieved every time.