Our Partners

From its founding in 1881, NBSS has partnered with an array of organizations to advance our mission. We value our many ongoing relationships with educational institutions, trade associations, publishers, foundations, and cultural organizations.

School Partners

High Schools

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School students expand upon their school-year knowledge of carpentry and locksmithing in a summer program launched in 2016. As they gain real-world job experience, students add to their portfolios, learn teamwork, and communication skills. Each of these contribute to academic, personal, and professional growth. This NBSS program is a part of the Boston Summer Learning Community.

Middle Schools

NBSS and Eliot K-8 Innovation School share a long history of collaboration. In 2009, the two schools revived a woodworking program that was originally initiated over 100 years ago. Today, middle school students attend woodworking and bookbinding classes at NBSS once a week with our instructors.

St. John School middle school students join NBSS once a week for woodworking and bookbinding classes that improve problem-solving, develop mathematical skills and increase self confidence. Students employ their individual creativity within the boundaries of precise, disciplined work and gain a better understanding of how focused effort helps create high quality projects.

NBSS and Donald McKay K-8 School launched a partnership with the goal of using woodworking to improve both teacher and student learning in 6th grade math and science. Through hands-on, project-based learning activities, NBSS is helping connect real-world applications to abstract concepts on a math worksheet. These highly engaging activities foster student curiosity and increase the intrinsic motivation of students to become self-directed explorers in mathematics and science.

Post-Secondary Schools

We offer a joint Furniture Design Certificate program through a partnership with Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Students in this program benefit from the unique expertise, faculty, and equipment at both institutions. The program uses design as the principle process of creating studio furniture. The intention is to encourage each student’s individual growth as an artist, designer, and craftsperson. During the program, you’ll gain a basic understanding of issues, materials, and production that are fundamental in the industry. You’ll leave with the ability to design and build unique pieces, limited production pieces, and prototype furniture.

Civic & Community Partners

The following organizations partner with NBSS in multiple ways, from sharing in workshop space, to collaborating on talks, exhibitions, and other projects, to providing critical financial support.

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Partners in Craft

Partners In Craft include contractors, architects, designers, and financial organizations who have a strong affinity for the mission of NBSS. NBSS recognizes our Partners In Craft for their unrestricted financial support in our Annual Report and at School functions, as well as invitations to special events. Find giving levels and benefits here.

To learn more about Corporate Giving at NBSS, contact the Development Office at development@nbss.edu.