Building a Thriving Future

Behind the School’s success is the strength of its Faculty, Staff, and Board. We have expanded our size and offerings over the past decade, and yet our personnel and “systems” capacities have not yet caught up. We will make investments in our employees, infrastructure, and organizational culture to maintain our current position of strength, and to align our abilities with our ambitions.

Key Strategies

  • Strengthen employee support to better attract, support, and retain diverse faculty and staff.
  • Rebuild and increase staff capacity to better support our students, faculty, and staff and to align with the priorities of the strategic plan.
  • Implement a database system and upgraded technology across NBSS.
  • Increase revenue to support growth across the School, including programs and internal capacity.
  • Increase the diversity of all NBSS volunteer and partner cohorts.
“I am struck by the simple reality that NBSS flourishes and operates at a high level because of so many people’s hard work and generosity.”
Peter Smith PC ’04, Carpentry Department Head

Expanding Horizons

Join us as we embrace expanded horizons, to deliver on our School’s unique potential, further our important mission, and fulfill our promise for one and all.