Increasing Access & Inclusion

We have the opportunity to develop educational offerings that will allow more people to experience craft and trade. By expanding current programs and classes, and developing what are now pilot efforts in youth and community programs into fully-fledged offerings, we can create pathways to full-time training, engage community partners, cultivate youth interest, and reach online audiences.

Key Strategies

  • Increase and diversify student enrollment across all Career Training (CT) programs.
  • Expand CT programs in keeping with industry demand.
  • Revision, rename, and restructure the current continuing education program into an expanded Community Education (CE) program.
  • Create a fund for faculty and staff stipends that will incentivize employee-led NBSS activities and experiences with new community partners, in order to grow the Schoolʼs educational relationships.
  • Expand our online learning capacity as a tool for more areas of our educational work, creating a broader range of online NBSS experiences.
“NBSS helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a furniture maker. I could never have done this without the support of the entire NBSS community.”
Charlie Flowers CF ’21

Expanding Horizons

Join us as we embrace expanded horizons, to deliver on our School’s unique potential, further our important mission, and fulfill our promise for one and all.