Investing in Student Success

To maintain our School’s excellence and address changes in learning, NBSS will increase support for teaching and learning, as well as career-building and wellness support for students. As we strengthen our current programs and develop new offerings, we will focus on the full arc of a student’s experience, from application to employment.

Key Strategies

  • Invest in support for faculty in the classroom and with ongoing learning and professional development.
  • Increase learning, career-building, health/wellness, and life-skills support for all NBSS students, from admissions through postgraduate employment.
  • Further connect students with employment access through work with Program Advisory Committees, Partners In Craft, and other employer relationships.
  • Strengthen and deepen relationships with employers and alumni.
“I love about working with my hands. It’s a cathartic process that allows me to transform my person, both internally as well as externally.”
Amor Quiana Pleasant JM ’24

Expanding Horizons

Join us as we embrace expanded horizons, to deliver on our School’s unique potential, further our important mission, and fulfill our promise for one and all.