Brendan Shanahan CF ’22

December 1, 2023
Brendan Shanahan CF ’22

What was the best part of your NBSS training?

While there are so many parts that were great about attending NBSS, the one that I think about most is the amount of like-minded people I’ve met and can bounce ideas off of and ask questions if need to.

How did you discover your field?

I had friends who went to NBSS who recommended it to me.

What are you up to now?

Running my small furniture making and repair shop, B Shanahan Woodworks.

Can you describe your work in just three words?

Historical, handcrafted, methodical.

What motivates or inspires you?

Colonial and historical furniture.

Besides woodworking, what keeps you busy?

I teach karate on the side.

Favorite tool or machine?

Old street tools trying plane.

If I weren’t doing my current job, I’d be a___.

Lost soul!

Dream project or job?

My dream project is to furnish my home with all my own work.

What career or life advice can you share?

Keep moving forward, no matter if times are tough or easy.