Call For Carpentry Projects

July 15, 2016



NBSS is always looking for relevant real-world projects for our Carpentry class. As an integral part of training in the School’s Carpentry program, students learn the practical aspects of new construction on select off-site projects.


The supervised project helps develop real-world, on-the-job skills, efficiency, and confidence in students, and the work itself is of the highest quality. Plus, the experience is like no other. One satisfied client shares, “In addition to the rewards of seeing our new addition take shape, working with the students has been priceless.”

Carpentry projects for private individuals are chosen on the basis of their educational value, variety of work, and suitability for the entire class to work safely.

Do you need a home addition, garage, or outbuilding? Propose your carpentry project via our Jobs & Commissions Board here. Some restrictions apply, and all proposals will be reviewed for suitability.

North Bennet Street School Carpentry Program