A Fast-Track Career Option for Recent High School Graduates

December 20, 2021
Suzanne Murdoch
Locksmithing student

It’s a big world out there. For many recent high school graduates, deciding what to do next can feel overwhelming. You may be envying friends who already have the next few years planned out. And, finding a job that you really enjoy can be difficult. Let’s face it—there are a lot of jobs out there, but the really good ones don’t seem to be the ones you find when you’re looking.

First of all, take a minute to congratulate yourself. Not everyone successfully graduates from high school. You’ve shown you can set goals and achieve them, and that’s no small accomplishment. Also, understand that, at some point, most people will be where you are right now—navigating the job market to find their best fit. While you could pursue a four-year degree, that is far from the only option. For those who pursue the skilled trades, while some are still in school, they’re already working in a field they love, making good money. And many careers, especially those that involve specialized skills, don’t require a college degree.

But what is that career? Very few high school or college graduates really know the answer. And that’s ok. The first step is asking the question and exploring your options. And, you may have more than one career in your future. Maybe the question is better put, “What’s next?”

One great career option for recent high school graduates to consider is security technology and locksmithing. It’s a skilled trade in one of the most important and versatile industries today. If you’re someone who’s a creative and critical problem solver, enjoys working on your own, and likes having the flexibility of owning your own business, locksmithing may be the perfect fit. And, if you’re enrolled in a comprehensive program like the one at NBSS, you could launch your career in as little as nine months, or about the length of a single school year.

There are other great reasons for considering a career in the locksmithing and security technology field. Every business and home needs security. For example, a trained locksmith can work onsite at a college, medical lab, government facility, or a technology firm. Or you can work at a home improvement store or other business. You don’t even need a storefront to open your own locksmithing business—mobile locksmiths are in high demand.

What you learn in a good locksmithing program like the one at NBSS will give you the foundational skills and knowledge you need to go in almost any direction you want to take your new career.

Sound interesting? We invite you to learn more about our Locksmithing & Security Technology program. Whether or not you decide on locksmithing as your next career step, doing the research can bring you closer to finding that perfect fit.

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