Chun-Yen Chen PT ’13

September 9, 2017


Alumni, Piano Technology

Chun-Yen Chen

Before moving to Boston, I lived and worked in Taiwan. I graduated from university with a degree in violin and was a music teacher for many years. Four years ago, I was in a traffic accident which was catalyst for me to make some life changes.

I wanted to do something for my church and, at the time, they needed a piano technician. I went to Kawai Piano Factory to learn how to repair, regulate and tune the piano and it was there that I met a Japanese master: Katsuji Ito. He was a great piano technician in Japan and had worked for many famous pianists such as Argerich and Ashkenazy. He recognized me as different from others he had worked with and he wanted me to replace him after he retired in the future. I respect him very much, and while working with him it felt like the great duo Holmes and Watson.

I think NBSS`s American style of education is very different from Germany and Japan, and the school has many resources.