Continuing Education Snapshot 2016-2017

August 16, 2017

In the most recent issue of Benchmarks, we took a look at the Continuing Education year in review. Check out some of the interesting numbers in the graphic below:

* Of the 135 classes offered last year, we rolled out a whole new set that we like to call The 101s. Offering an introduction to woodworking, bookbinding, or jewelry making, these fun, project-based classes help beginners learn the ropes and get to know the School.

Students who sign up for our 101s are creative, enthusiastic, and relatively new to the craft—for many it’s their first time working in a shop. The 101s are a welcoming environment where you can get a well-rounded overview and develop solid skills in a discipline of your choice. Plus, everyone goes home with a finished project in every class. What could be better than that?

Check out our full offering of Continuing Education classes here, and if you’ve already attended a CE course, why not take a moment to review us on Yelp or Facebook? (Many thanks in advance!)

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