David St. Hilaire CA ’21

October 2, 2023
This profile is part of our alumni Wall of Honor for veterans.

David St. Hilaire CA ’21

Military Branch: Army
Division/Unit/Company: 344th Military Police Company
Rank at Discharge: Sergeant
MOS: 31B
NBSS Program: Carpentry

How did your military service inspire you to attend NBSS?

Many veterans have trouble transitioning from military service to civilian life, and NBSS makes the transition that much easier through their continued support of veterans. NBSS opens networks and assists with employment for all their students, and to be part of a community willing to help veterans is very meaningful to me.

How did your military training help you be a successful student at NBSS?

In the military you learn discipline, hard work and attention to detail, to name a few. These same traits helped with learning a new trade and being as precise as possible.

What is your current job?

I was working as a carpenter for a local remodeling company before being promoted to a project manager. There was an opportunity to work for myself flipping houses. Although it was a big risk, I absolutely love it because you can put your touch in everything you build.

What advice would you give to someone considering NBSS or a career in the trades?

NBSS is an amazing school that opens a ton of opportunities for you. You learn invaluable information from the instructors who are extremely knowledgeable and patient with their students. 

Not as many people are getting into the trades as there used to be, so the opportunities are endless with what you can do.

Anything else you would like to share about your NBSS experience as a veteran?

There were other veterans in the class so you instantly already have a connection with people, and many of us still keep in touch.