George Myers Jr. LK ’22

October 2, 2023
This profile is part of our alumni Wall of Honor for veterans.

George Myers Jr. LK ’22

Military Branch: Marine Corps and Army
Rank at Discharge: Captain
MOS: 92A00
NBSS Program: Locksmithing & Security Technology

How did your military service inspire you to attend NBSS?

Military service inspires many service members for greater success upon leaving military service. My military service includes serving six years in the Marine Corps and 18 years in the Army, both of which instill: discipline, integrity, and work ethic. NBSS has a long history of inspiring their students to succeed and is quite successful in inspiring their students to have the same traits.

How did your military training help you be a successful student at NBSS?

Military training promotes success and persistence to stay on topic until success is achieved. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Failure is not an option in the military nor at NBSS.

What is your current job?

At this time I run A All American Ace Locksmith Service, LLC in Yellville, Arkansas and I also work as a truck driver.

What advice would you give to someone considering NBSS or a career in the trades?

Advice I’d provide to prospective NBSS students or anyone looking into trades is to not delay their efforts to begin; nothing ventured is nothing gained. Additionally, I’d advise them to seek more than one trade, preferably trades that could be used in the same areas or that correlate well together.

Anything else you would like to share about your NBSS experience as a veteran?

NBSS has an on duty veteran/VA representative that is quite helpful to ensure military educational benefits are utilized to their fullest extent possible. Veterans in each class already have a military bond which encourages a more enjoyable classroom setting.