In the Making: Emmet Van Driesche

September 10, 2021


In the Making

“Spoon carving is a wonderful vehicle for getting to explore all sorts of other things about design and function and form and aesthetics. That’s what really excites me about the process; thinking and working through all that stuff in a tight little package that I can complete in a short period of time.”

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, we livestreamed from the spoon carving shop of Emmet Van Driesche in Conway, Massachusetts.

Our a late summer discussion spanned human enterprise, how Emmet has opened himself to new skills while leveraging his existing ones, and how he’s carving out a self-sustaining life for himself and his family. Emmet and event host Kristen Odle even fit in a little spoon carving practice!

View a video of the full conversation above.

For the past 15 years, Emmet and his family have owned and operated the Pieropan Christmas Tree Farm, which encompasses ten acres of coppiced balsam fir and was originally founded in 1953. His family uses every inch of the land and its products for spoon carving, wreathmaking, and storytelling too. Listen to episodes of Emmet’s podcast, Emmet Audio.

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