Kaley Ledwidge JM ’14

September 17, 2017

Kaley Lewidge

I came to North Bennet Street School after graduating from Bourne High School. In high school, I received honors for painting and other arts. I did a lot of beading, made furniture and costumes, and participated in the woodworking program.

Pursuing creative things was an alternative to more traditional studies which were difficult for me in part because of dyslexia. Mostly I just really enjoy working with my hands. I had an internship with Dave McDermott, a glass blower and considered applying to art school and then discovered North Bennet Street School.

My dream is to have my own business and sell to the red-carpet crowd by the time I’m 25.

Two years after graduating, Kaley opened her own jewelry business! Read a profile of Kaley in the Bourne Courier from 2016.