Lecture: BA Harrington CF ’95

September 29, 2023

“Something I find thrilling about making art and putting it out there in the world is the connection I get to make with other people. People here—but also people from the past. I’m using objects from our shared past to engage others.”

On Thursday, September 28, we hosted a lecture with NBSS graduate BA Harrington CF ’95, discussing her journey from a custom furniture maker to artist and educator, including her body of work and current role as Director of The Wood Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

A large part of her lecture focused on the genesis and creative process for creating “Become,” a piece based on the form of a Queen Anne ladies writing desk. It is currently on view in our In the Making Exhibition, open until December 2.

“In the Making” is a public programs series where we connect with a range of new voices, fields, and perspectives. Learn more and view a full list of events on the series homepage.

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