Partner in Craft Spotlight: Platt Builders

March 19, 2024


Carpentry, Donors
Group shot of the Platt Builders Team
Platt Builders Team

Our Partners in Craft program recognizes corporations and small businesses across industries that support the School.

We spoke with Steven Adam, Director of Cabinetry, and Chris Brown, Senior Sales Consultant at Platt Builders about why they support NBSS, what advice they have for our students, and more.

How did you discover the School?

Steve: We have four graduates currently working at Platt Builders, one in the Platt Cabinetry division, two in the Platt Builders division working as carpenters, and I’m an NBSS graduate as well.

Why do you support NBSS?

Steve: We want to help NBSS to continue training skilled craftspeople. We both believe that there is intrinsic value in these skills, the ability to work with your hands, and the ability to do for yourself, but also there is an enormous demand in the market for these skills.

What has been your experience working with fellow NBSS grads, and why do you hire them?

Chris: Yes, past, and present. Our experience working with NBSS grads has been positive. They come with a well-rounded skill set, experience with current materials, professional attitude, and appearance.

What is an interesting trend in your field you’ve noticed recently?

Chris: Brass and natural stone is back. Heat pumps, removing fossil fuel, better insulation, net-zero, large windows, outdoor spaces are also popular.

Complete the sentence: If I weren’t working in building, I’d be a _.

Chris: If I wasn’t a builder, I’d be a bike mechanic, cupcake baker, or tugboat captain.

Steve: I’d be a landscape architect.

What motivates you? And/or what do you love about your work/field?

Steve: Solving problems motivates us. We love projects where we can lend our experience to a collaboration between builder, designer, architect, and client where the end result is better for the whole team’s input.

What life or career advice can you share with our students and graduates?

Steve: Pursue equally what interests you and what challenges you. Interest will lead to practice, practice to skill, and skill to the ability to challenge yourself with new things. If you can continue challenging yourself, you will learn new skills; if you learn new skills, you can take on still bigger challenges. It is a virtuous cycle. Work without challenge is boring; challenge without skill is demoralizing. Choose wisely.