Philip Benevides CA ’13

October 31, 2017
Philip Benevides

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2008 with a degree in Biology. I was in Air Force ROTC and was selected to become an Intelligence Officer.

After living a year in Texas for training, I was assigned to Fort Meade, Maryland where I served as Flight Commander for three years leading more than 60 personnel in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance missions supporting worldwide operations. During that time, I deployed to the Middle East for six months and supported operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. After my active duty service commitment was complete, my wife and I decided to return to our home state of Massachusetts. With this transition, I decided to pursue a new career as well.

Once I decided I was going to pursue construction, I naturally gravitated towards carpentry because of its history and its universal application to the construction field. It took me a while to find an alternative to apprentice programs. Because I am a bit older, I wanted to fast track my career as much as possible. Being an officer in the Air Force I had to be a generalist, knowing a lot about a wide range of programs, equipment, operations etc. But I felt I missed an opportunity to become an expert in one thing.

I felt carpentry and the comprehensive and specialized training at NBSS would be a springboard for me to become a master at my new trade. In addition, I appreciated the rich history of the school, in particular the fact that it was founded to give immigrants skills needed to get a job, as my parents are both immigrants from Portugal.

My aim [in going to NBSS was] to find employment with a company that will provide me with challenging work, leadership opportunities and continued professional development. I am committed to becoming a master carpenter and a leader in my profession with the hopes of one day owning and operating my own business.

Additionally, I am an Air Force Reserve Captain and serve as an Intelligence Officer at Fort Meade in Maryland. I still actively volunteer for my Fraternity Pi Kappa Phi and I am currently serving as a New Member Education Specialist where I get to travel to campuses across the country and work with student chapters to help them develop and improve their new member education curriculum. I enjoy endurance sports like running and cycling as well as sports like soccer and ultimate frisbee. I am really into beer, I brew and love trying new and unique beers. My wife and I are foodies so we enjoy trying new restaurants and exploring food, beer, and wine.