Supporting Joy and Community

December 14, 2023


Students, Donors

This fall, we celebrated the joy, education, and community our students experience at North Bennet Street School in a series of videos.

Donations to the NBSS Annual Fund make all of this possible; thank you for your consideration and support!

A Welcoming Community

NBSS is a place that delivers skills, optimism, and a sense of purpose for people from all walks of life. While our programs have adapted, our promise remains the same: to be a place where unique talents and interests are supported and respected, where students can develop overall well-being, community connection, and meaningful livelihoods. Hear our students share the sense of community they gained through NBSS.

A Good Day at NBSS

NBSS students value the tangible results of the progress they have made learning their craft or trade, one day at a time. Listen to our students share the satisfaction of a good day at their bench.

A Learning Process

From learning the correct way to hold a tape measure to using a lathe for the first time, NBSS provides the space, equipment, and expert instruction for students of all skill levels to have a meaningful hands-on learning experience. Listen to our students share their learning process.

Life Before NBSS

NBSS students come from the widest possible range of education, careers, and life experiences. Musicians, military veterans, high school students, stay-at-home parents, medical professionals, farmers, firefighters, and tech workers all arrive at NBSS seeking a career change, a new opportunity, a refreshing of their skills and ambitions.