Three Tips for Hiring the Best Talent

December 30, 2014

Does your institution need a locksmith? Does your company need a new conference table? Are your library books falling apart? Is your jewelry repair technician reaching retirement age?

Bookbinder working for library

Is it time to hire a new employee or is the best solution an intern, sub-contractor or artisan on commission? There are myriad resources for finding administrative help but if the skills and personnel you need are non-traditional, the search gets complicated. If you are a small business, the options can dwindle further.

North Bennet Street School (NBSS) in Boston’s North End has been training bookbinders, carpenters, locksmiths, luthiers, jewelers, preservation carpenters, piano technicians, and furniture/cabinet makers for more than 100 years. The school’s programs have evolved to meet ever-changing job requirements and has a career office and commission service to help students and alumni find meaningful employment. Many students work during school as interns or part-time employees gaining skills and providing flexible employment options for small organizations and companies.

Our Student Life and Career Services at NBSS offers these tips for finding skilled services and employees.

1 Hire an intern.

Most higher education schools have career offices that help place students in program-related internships. NBSS students work regularly as piano tuners, jewelers, bookbinders and locksmiths while in school. Internships can often be tailored to a company’s specific needs and, in addition to providing immediate help, internships give employers a chance to evaluate possible full-time employees minimizing productivity and financial loss due to employees that aren’t a good fit.

2 Work with a career office to meet and evaluate potential employees while they are still in school.

This option provides both employers and students the opportunity to find the best job match while ensuring that the employee is trained and available to work immediately upon graduation.

3 Think outside the box.

Everything from terms of engagement, schedules, benefits and bartering are possible. Think creatively and you may find that your best option is to not hire an employee but to work collaboratively with another small business or sub contract to another company or barter services. A designer might partner with a furniture maker to create a new line of chairs or a restaurant might barter meals for a new hostess stand. An accountant might provide business advice in exchange for a bespoke engagement ring. Many creative, skilled individuals are open to bartering or collaboration. Finding them through an internet search is possible but don’t forget to check with art, trade and career schools. They often provide services to match alumni with work opportunities – NBSS does.

As we enter the new year, the employment market is picking up. During times of job growth, finding talented individuals to meet growing demand becomes more challenging. Using resources offered by schools can help find both the right solution and the right individual for your talent needs.

View our Jobs and Commissions Board to learn more about hiring North Bennet Street students and graduates.

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