NBSS Yellow Ribbon Program

April 28, 2017



Grants and contributions for the NBSS Yellow Ribbon Program help remove financial obstacles for veterans and their dependents so that they can focus on building their post-military lives. Depending on the length and type of NBSS program, students have additional expenses for specialized equipment, tools, and clothing on top of tuition.

Veterans often struggle with vocational goals and identity, and miss feeling productive, successful, and part of a team. They tend to thrive at NBSS because they come equipped with a level of commitment, organization, confidence, and self-reliance that is often a model for other students.

With support from the NBSS administration, the student veterans have launched a Student Veterans Organization (SVO), which recently became an official chapter of Student Veterans of America.

The School’s educational philosophy, tight-knit community, high graduation/employment rates, and over a century of experience in manual arts training appeal to veterans. Many find their way to NBSS via the federal Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Assistance program, which assists veterans who have a service-related disability. Veterans enrolled at the School feel that NBSS is an ideal solution to the lack of training opportunities for meaningful careers.

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NBSS partners with the following organizations to help provide services, counseling and advocacy for veterans:

  • Department of Veterans Services (City of Boston)
  • Boston Vet Center (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Home Base (a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Massachusetts Office of Veterans Affairs
  • Translational Research Center for TBI and Stress Disorders (TRACTS)
  • Boston VA Healthcare System, Jamaica Plain Campus
  • Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea, MA
  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans
  • Greater Boston Veterans Collaborative
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