WATCH: How To Photograph Your Work

July 5, 2020
Kristen Odle

In this short video, NBSS Retail & Exhibit Manager Kristen Odle demonstrates how easy it is for anyone to quickly photograph their small-scale work.

Using just a smartphone and a simple setup, she covers the basics such as:

  • Using indirect light
  • Setting up a continuous backdrop
  • Staging the work
  • Taking photos and editing

The photos below were taken using the exact same setup as in the video, and each of the items are now listed on our online Store. You can use these same straightforward techniques on how to photograph work for your own website, store listing, exhibition entry, or even just on social media.

Featuring products by McKey Berkman BB ’11, Willow Coronella JM ’20, Mickey McGarrity JM ’20, and Grant Burger CF ’17

We love hearing from you, and seeing your great photos! If you use these techniques, please let us know: tag @nbssboston and we’ll share your post via Instagram. Good luck!