You’re Hired: Employers of the 2019 Graduating Class

July 9, 2019

Each year, we’re proud to send our graduates off to fulfilling employment in the trades and fine crafts. Of the 88 students graduating in 2019, 43 were already hired at graduation time, and 22 are running or beginning their own small businesses. These newly-minted craftspeople are working for companies and institutions of all sizes, with some grads staying local in Massachusetts and others striking out throughout the entire United States.

While in school, our Student Life & Career Services office helps students search for jobs and internships, refine their resumes, set up and practice for job interviews, and much more. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of this year’s graduating student employers, including those hired for summer internships, fellowships, apprenticeships, and full-time jobs.

A Non-Exhaustive List of 2019 Graduating Student Employers:

* Some employers have employed multiple grads

This story is part of the Summer 2019 issue of Benchmarks magazine. See more Benchmarks stories here, or download a pdf of the entire issue.

Full-Time Programs