Exploratory Work at Fowler Clark Epstein Farm

April 19, 2016
Fowler Clark Farm

Historic Boston Inc. recently published a writeup on recent NBSS Preservation Carpentry program discoveries at the 18th century farm in Mattapan.

North Bennet Street School is one of the four non-profit partners working together to rehabilitate the 18th century Fowler Clark Epstein Farm into a 21st century working farm.

The first-year Preservation Carpentry students who investigated the front facade of the house will return next fall as second-year students to work on rehabilitating the front of the farmhouse. Pending approvals, NBSS students will propose to make historically accurate window sash and plank frames for the nine front windows, renovate the existing front portico, install a new front foundation sill, and make new clapboards for the front facade.

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