In the Making: Carpentry Alumni Panel

October 21, 2021


Carpentry, In the Making

“If you just be patient with yourself, be patient with success and the failures, you’re going to see an outcome, and then from there, you’re going to go onto your next journey, so don’t worry about it, keep your head up and keep moving.”
– Xiomara Garcia

On October 21, 2021, we talked with Carpentry alumni Braima Massaquoi CA ’14, Xiomara Garcia CA ’21, Richard Yoo CA ’21, and Ali Muhammad CA ’21 in a conversation led by guest host, Rob O’Dwyer, NBSS Director of Admissions & Enrollment. The panel detailed their unique journeys to NBSS, the wide depth of what they learned in our nine-month program, the amazing community they discovered during and after their time at NBSS—and who prefers framing or finish work.

From being homeschooled to serving in Afghanistan, each of our panelists come from a wide varying of backgrounds. The Panelists gave great insights into the student experience at NBSS. They shared informative details about their experience with our financial aid, and how easy their transition was into NBSS.

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