In the Making: HELM Construction Solutions

March 4, 2022


Carpentry, In the Making

“Not only are we trying to attract more people to construction jobs, but also improve the construction industry as a whole, to be more fulfilling for the people who work in it.”

On Thursday, March 3, 2022 we were joined by Mel Baiser, Strategic Director, and Kate Stephenson, CFO/COO, of HELM Construction Solutions. In 2015, Mel and Kate founded HELM to revolutionize the construction industry. By focusing on people, prosperity, and the planet, HELM works to be a catalyst for social and climate change.

Mel and Kate founded HELM because they grew up in the trades seeing the inefficiencies in the construction industry. They work with small business, start-ups, and established businesses to build their skills through education and trainings. Working to establish better business practices, HELM gives approachable trainings in sustainability, project management, leadership, and more.

This insightful conversation discussed the disparities in the trades, how HELM is working to close those disparities, and how they’re combatting the labor shortage. Watch the full event above.

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