Read the 2023 Annual Report

November 27, 2023


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Cover of the 2023 Annual Report

Each year, we reflect on the success of North Bennet Street School’s entire community with our Annual Report. The latest issue for fiscal year 2023 is now available.

Within this issue, explore stories of discovery, inspiration, and transformation. These stories showcase not only the different facets of our mission but also highlight our enduring values: a dedication to training, a focus on community, and a passion for skilled work. Taken together, they demonstrate the profound impact that our institution has on individuals, industries, and our broader society.

As we navigate the challenges of our times, this Annual Report underscores impressive resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our mission. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all members of our community, each of whom makes our work and growth possible.

Read several featured stories including:

Click on the image above to download a copy of the entire report (PDF). You can also view previous issues of the Annual Report and other printed work on our Publications page.