Foundational Skills Lead to Excellence in Jewelry Making

July 6, 2023
Suzanne Murdoch

NBSS Helping to Build Rich Legacy Through Exceptional Bench-Trained Jewelers

Jewelry Making student sitting at their bench and smiling

At NBSS, we are committed to preserving critical legacies in the skilled trades. Since 1881, we have trained generations of students in time-honored and proven methods and skills, always with an eye to the future. 

Our Jewelry Making & Repair program (JM) is a prime example of how our approach produces exceptional craftspeople who go on to fulfilling careers while making a positive impact on their field. Some of those examples are very close to home, such as the well-known jewelry and silver firm Firestone and Parson, located in a historic mid-19th century building just across the street from the Boston Public Garden. As a company with an impeccable history and reputation, the jewelers they employ must be exceptionally skilled and professional. The owners, as industry leaders in fine jewelry, have helped support NBSS and the program for generations while employing NBSS graduates as bench jewelers. 

This doesn’t happen by accident. Skilled bench jewelers continue to be in high demand. With a skills-based curriculum taught by outstanding instructors, NBSS consistently produces graduates who are not only highly capable, but passionate about their craft. We have found that instilling a strong skills-based foundation, one that ranges from teaching students how to use hand tools to incorporating advanced state-of-the art technology such as high-precision microscopes and CAD design, is the perfect platform for any jewelry-related career. 

Jewelry Making & Repair student using the laser welder
Jewelry Making & Repair student using the laser welder

In fact, given the strong reputation of our program and graduates, it might not surprise you to know that you’ll find NBSS graduates working at some of the most iconic and well-known jewelry houses, as well as some of the newest jewelry powerhouses. Melanie Casey went from an Etsy business to a multi-million dollar handmade jewelry company recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. magazine. She didn’t do it alone, but built her business by bringing on jewelers who could faithfully execute her delicately rendered, heirloom quality jewelry. Small wonder that she sought out NBSS graduates and students.

It’s always a good sign to see the School on someone’s resume. Each of our team members with an NBSS background has been successful here. It is apparent that the training they received there is top-notch—these folks really know their craft.” 

True to its highly entrepreneurial nature and e-commerce platform, Melanie Casey is also helping to pioneer work from home and hybrid opportunities for jewelers, aspects that are attractive to many of our graduates.

Graduates of our Jewelry Making & Repair program are well-positioned to pursue a wide variety of positions in the industry and go wherever their passions and imagination take them. For inspiration, check out some of our alumni profiles. Whether it’s working for a small artisan jewelry business, an iconic brand, or striking out to create their own eponymous brand, we love to see where their NBSS education takes them!