New Year, New You

January 1, 2020

For generations, people just like you have trained at NBSS to realize their goals. As we approach a new year, it’s a good time to reflect on whether 2020 can also mean new skills, a new community, and a rewarding new career for you, through our intensive programs in traditional trades.

We know the path to an education requires an investment of your time and money, and we’re dedicated to helping you afford the cost of training at NBSS. We’ve frozen tuition at the current level, are offering a variety of new scholarships to qualified applicants, and providing over $700k of student aid this year.

There’s never been a better time to apply to NBSS, and we can help you determine whether training in a traditional trade is the right fit for you, for 2020 or beyond.

Meet Our Graduates

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Frozen Tuition + New Scholarships + Over $700k in NBSS aid for 2020. Download the NBSS Financial Aid Guide here.